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Quiz Answers: On the...

On the house

The question was:

Which of the following English idioms could you use
when a business, e.g. a restaurant or a bar, gives you something for free?

When a business does not charge you for something, e.g. a meal or a drink, the free product or service is said to be...

a) on the hook
b) on the hill
c) on the hop
d) on the house

The answer is: d)

The English idiom
to be on the house is an expression that means that a business owner is giving you something for free, i.e. is not charging you for a service or product. For example:

As Luigi always enjoyed playing the part of the big spender, he didn’t tell his guests that last night’s dinner
was on the house - and not on him.
When it came time to pay the bill, the restaurant owner told us that the drinks
were on the house.