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Quiz Answers: A Car or Truck that Consumes a lot of Fuel

High fuel consumption

The question was:

A vehicle that is expensive to drive because it uses a lot of fuel can be called...

a) a gas sizzler
b) a gas gulper
c) a gas guzzler
d) a gas boozer

The answer is: c)

A gas guzzler is a vehicle that consumes fuel inefficiently, i.e uses a lot of fuel. Look at the following articles to see how this English idiom can be used:

When Buying A Gas Guzzler Makes Sense
- onlinewsj.com, 5 June 2008, Mike Spektor
Fewer cars being hit by gas-guzzler tax
- usatoday.com, 28 October 2012, Chris Woodyard
Americans still hooked on gas guzzlers
- money.msn.com, 3 February 2011, Charley Blaine
Gas guzzler no more? Lincoln Navigator to trade V8 for Ecoboost V6
- digitaltrends.com, 12 March 2013, Stephen Edelstein

Can you name some of
the worst gas guzzlers on the road today?