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Learn English with WhizzQuiz, the official iPhone/iPad app of the English Idioms Daily Blog & ProLexika e.K.!


Are you a 'whizz' at English? Find out just how good your English language skills are with WhizzQuiz. Intended for intermediate to advanced speakers, this simple and challenging quiz will test your knowledge of English idioms and help you learn some of the most common and useful English sayings, phrases and expressions.

Add everyday English expressions like the following to your word pool:
* to drive a hard bargain
* to buy something for a song
* to be in the doghouse
* etc...

Mix in a few proverbs or sayings to share your wisdom:
* There's no point crying over spilt milk.
* Ignorance is bliss.
* Every cloud has a silver lining.
* etc…

And how about a few 'buzzwords' to enhance your conversational skills and keep your language up-to-date?
* tweetheart
* boomlet
* locavore
* etc…

WhizzQuiz's questions as well as you can and see how far you can make it! Three mistakes….and it is time to start over again! Are you ready for the challenge?

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