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2012 marked the beginning of a new and exciting contest for primary/elementary school children - the
Kids' English Idiom Art Contest!
A great opportunity to introduce children to the creative possibilities of both language and art, the
Kids' English Idiom Art Contest requires children to depict English idioms, e.g. It's raining cats and dogs or cool as a cucumber, in works of art. Open to children all around the world, this international contest has drawn a great response and many very beautiful works of art by talented young artists. As a result, this contest is now an annual one. The English Idioms Daily Blog invites primary/elementary school classes, art schools, ESL classes and homeschooling groups around the world to have fun and compete for prizes in the Kids' English Idiom Art Contest 2013. Information on the 2013 contest rules and prizes can be found here.

And, now, without further delay, here are
the winners of the Kids' English Idiom Art Contest 2012...!