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A Bum Rap

to take a pot shot at someone or something

If you read newspapers or magazines, you will always be able to find articles about people or things that are supposedly getting a bum rap. The English idiom to get a bum rap means to receive unfair criticism or blame. Here is an example:

Teachers are getting
a bum rap. They are being blamed for all of the problems in our education system today.

Here are some other people, animals or things that have supposedly been
getting a bum rap:

President getting bum rap over oil and energy policies
- dailyinterlake.com, 29 April 2012, Francis Breidenbach
Is Ethanol Getting a Bum Rap?
- businessweek.com, 1 May 2008, John Carey
Nat geo WILD: Bum Rap - A History of Vilifying Sharks
- newswatch.nationalgeographic.com, 24 November 2011, Matthew Zymet

The authors of these articles feel that the President, ethanol and sharks have been unfairly criticized, i.e. they have
gotten a bum rap.
Is there anyone or anything that you feel has been
getting a bum rap lately?

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