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When a large group of people all talk at the same time, they can create a buzzing sound that is very similar to the sound that bees make. Hence, the English expression to be abuzz. If something, for example a room or city, is abuzz, it is filled with people who are all actively talking about something at the same time. For example:

The internet is
abuzz with rumors that Brad Pitt is getting married.
When the school principal announced the news, the school was

Here are some news headlines or blog posts which use the English idiom

Twitter abuzz with Michael Jackson death reports
- metro.co.uk
Illinois town abuzz over lottery jackpot winner
- suntimes.com, 2 April 2012, Associated Press
Disney’s search for marketing president has Hollywood abuzz
- latimesblogs.latimes.com, 12 January 2012, Ben Fritz

In the headlines above, people on Twitter, in an Illinois town and in Hollywood were
abuzz. They were all talking about something - the death of Michael Jackson, a lottery win and a job opening at Disney - at the same time. What are our newspapers abuzz with today?

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