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On the Rocks

While the English idiom on the rocks can be used to describe a drink served with ice cubes (e.g. whisky on the rocks), it can also refer to being in a state of difficulty or danger and even likely to fail soon. For example:

The European solar panel industry is
on the rocks.
Who would have thought that Judy’s marriage was
on the rocks?
Is the Euro
on the rocks?

Some recent news headlines / publications that have used the expression
on the rocks are:

Are Canada-US relations on the rocks?
- the star.com, 26 June 2012, Mitch Potter
Johnny Depp’s Love is on the Rocks
- express.co.uk, 20 June 2012, Lizzie Catt, Lisa Higgins & Jack Teague
Greeks and Germans at Polar Opposites: European Unity on the Rocks
- pewglobal.org, 29 May 2012
Yann M’Vila’s move to Arsenal on the rocks following France Euro 2012 spat
- metro.co.uk, 26 June 2012, Jamie Sanderson

Can you think of an industry that is currently
on the rocks?

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