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On the Fly

On the fly

When you do something in a hurryor on the run, you do it on the fly. For example:

It is not easy to learn astrophysics
on the fly.
Ricardo did his English grammar homework
on the fly.
For the past three years, we have always eaten dinner
on the fly.

All of the things in the examples above are or were being done
quickly. For further examples of the English idiom on the fly, check out the following articles:

Management Education on the Fly
- businessweek.com, 8 March 2010, Henry Mintzberg
Eating on the fly: Airport adds restaurants options for fine dining, local flavor
- bizjournals.com, 20 January 2012, Rich Rovito
Business on the fly: How airports act as hub for business development
- economist.com, 24 November 2005

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