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Come Again?

Come Again

The English expression Come again? is a question used to ask someone to repeat something that was said - something that you either did not hear or did not understand. It is synonymous with Could you repeat that?. For example:

Child: I’m not going to do my English grammar homework tonight. I’ll do it tomorrow.
Come again?

Sometimes, when someone says something so unbelievable or ridiculous, the expression Come again? can be used ironically to express disbelief. For example, in the comic above, the judge could say to the lawyer Come again? to express his shock at the statements he overheard - many thanks to his hearing aid!

Which of the following English idioms means the same thing as Come again?? Note: There may be more than one correct answer.

a) You don’t say.
b) I beg your pardon?
c) Say what?
d) Pardon my French.

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