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Cash Cow

Cash Cow Idiom

The English idiom cash cow refers to a business or part of a business that always makes a profit. Another good definition for the expression would be a consistent moneymaker. Look at these headlines to see examples of how the idiom cash cow is used:

Michael Jackson Music Still a Cash Cow for Sony
-eurweb.com, November 18 2010
Cheaper, Smaller Apple iPhone Will Be a Cash Cow: 10 Reasons Why

-eweek.com, February 14 2011, Don Reisinger
Google’s Android Is Microsoft’s New Cash Cow
-techdreams.org, July 7 2011, Gopinath

According to these articles, Michael Jackson, the iPhone and Google’s Android are all
cash cows, i.e. moneymakers, for Sony, Apple and Microsoft.
What do you know about the following companies? What do you think their
cash cows could be?

1. The Walt Disney Company
2. Yamaha
3. General Motors

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