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Bring the House Down

The English idiom to bring the house down means to entertain people so well or so successfully that they laugh, clap or cheer for a long time. It could be used in a situation like the following:

Rosalind: How was the concert last night?
Dionicio: Fantastic! The band really brought the house down!

Can you think of someone who
brought the house down recently? The authors of these articles can:

Rammstein bring house down with greatest hits tour
- theweek.co.uk, 28 February 2012
SXSW: Springsteen and friends bring down the house in the Lone Star State
- nj.com, 16 March 2012, Tris McCall/The Star-Ledger
This violinist brings down the house
- miamiherald.com, 1 March 2012, Patricia Tirone

These headlines tell us that the German band Rammstein, singer Bruce Springsteen and violinist Dave Brookes all had extraordinary performances that thrilled their audiences, i.e. they
brought the house down. Musicians, however, are not the only ones who can bring the house down. Can you think of a politician who brought the house down with a great speech or an actor who brought the house down with a fantastic performance?

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