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Big Deal!

The English idiom Big deal! is an expression that is used when something happens but you are not impressed. It is the same as saying so what? , i.e. that doesn’t impress me or that’s not significant. Look at these sentences to see how the expression Big Deal! is used:

You met Britney Spears?
Big deal! Anyone can meet her.
She just came back from Honalulu? Big deal! I was there three times last year.
You know all of the soccer rules?
Big deal! I know all of the English grammar rules!

Hey, if you know all of the English grammar rules, that is a
big deal! In other words, that is impressive!
Here are phrases using
big deal for you to look at:

It’s no big deal. = It’s not a problem. / It’s not significant.
What’s the big deal? = What’s the problem? / What’s so significant about that?

Can you explain the following headlines?
Bilingualism no big deal for brain, researcher finds
-sciencedaily.com, 31 May 2011, from materials provided by the University of Kansas
What’s the Big Deal About a Royal Wedding, Anyway?
-eonline.com, 17 November 2010, Leslie Gornstein

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