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A Dime a Dozen

When something is said to be a dime a dozen it is so common that it is, easy to find, not special and, sometimes, not worth much. For example, one could say:

In this town, fast-food restaurants
are a dime a dozen. There is one on every street corner.
Young people who dream of becoming well-known actors and actresses
are a dime a dozen in Hollywood.
Beautiful shells
are a dime a dozen on this beach.

Some adjectives which would be synonymous with this English idiom are: bounteous, superabundant or commonplace. For further examples of
to be a dime dozen, have a look at the following headlines / blog post titles:

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-brandsinsm.com, 17 August 2012
This season jobs are a dime a dozen
- articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com, 19 March 2011, K A Shaji
Virtuosos Becoming a Dime a Dozen
- nytimes.com, 12 August 2011, Anthony Tomnasini

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