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Back on Track

To get your life back on track

If you want to get something back on track, you want to fix something that has gone wrong and restore it to a normal or desirable state. This could be a project, your career or your life, in general - anything that has not turned out to be the way that you wanted it to be or the way that you planned it to be.

You can see what a
track is in the picture above. Knowing that a track refers to a railway track, helps you to realize where this idiom probably comes from and to visualize its meaning, which is to regain control of something and to get it running on the right track again. Below, you will see a relevant example, especially given the recent death of the singer Whitney Houston, that demonstrates the use of the idiom to get something back on track:

In the last few years, we have seen how many famous people have had difficulty
getting their lives back on track after problems with drugs and alcohol.

To further demonstrate the use of the idiom
to get something back on track, here is a Weight Watchers TV commercial that promises to help you get your body back on track. Wouldn’t that be nice? Or are you one of those people whose body is already on track? Watch the video:

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