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At a Loss

At a Loss

Have you been at a loss lately? If you have, something has perplexed or puzzled you and/or even left you uncertain about what you should say or do. To see how the English idiom to be at a loss can be used, check out the following example:

Bashir was
at a loss when he heard about his wife’s plan to open a Scottish restaurant.

In this sentence, Bashir is
confused and speechless about his wife’s new business plan, i.e. he is at a loss.

Some recent headlines that have included the English idiom
to be at a loss are:

Putin at a loss after Bethlehem street named for him
- ca.news.yahoo.com, 26 June 2012, AFP
EU at a loss over Syria
- dw.de, 25 June 2012, Christoph Hasselbach
Euro 2012: Germany’s Mats Hummels at a loss to explain England’s failings on world stage
- telegraph.co.uk, 21 June 2012, Chris Bascombe

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