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At a Crossroads

When you are at a crossroads, you are at a stage (of your life, of a project etc...) when you have to make an important decision that will affect the future. Here is an example to demonstrate this English idiom to you:

Abenzio did not like his job, but he was not sure whether to stay of go. He was at a crossroads in his career.

In other words, Abenzio had come to a point in his life in which he had to make an important decision that would affect his future, i.e. he was at a crossroads.

To further demonstrate the use of this English idiom, here are some recent news headlines which contain the expression
to be at a crossroads:

Tsunami towns at crossroads, despite clean-up
- google.com, 26 February 2012, Shingo Ito (AFP)
Occupy movement at crossroads
- usatoday.com, 6 February 2012, Rick Hampton

Obama, At Crossroads, Takes Different Route Than Clinton Chose in 96
- npr.org, 25 January 2012, Liz Halloran

The subjects of these headlines - tsunami towns, the Occupy Wall Street Movement and Barack Obama - are all, according to the articles, at a point at which they must make important decisions which will affect their futures, i.e. they are all
at a crossroads.

The following youtube video looks at how we as a society are
at a crossroads when it comes to our energy resources. Although the film is a bit older and takes an American perspective, it presents that dilemma that we as a global community share - where should our energy come from in the future? Watch the video:

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