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All Talk and No Action

The English expression to be all talk and no action is used to describe people who only talk about doing things but never really do them. The following examples show how this idiom can be used:

Bill is always talking about dieting, but, in the end, he is
all talk and no action.
The banks have talked about changing how they do business, but are they
all talk and no action?
Are our politicians
all talk and no action?

The last sentence
Are our politicians all talk and no action? is discussed in the following youtube video. It is entitled G8 Summit: All Talk, No Action? and, although it is somewhat dated (from 2009) and only refers to the G8 leaders, it expresses the universal sentiment that most people around the world seem to have from time to time - that our leaders only talk about issues or problems but rarely follow through and do something about them, i.e. that they are all talk and no action. Watch the video:

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