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Act Your Age!

Act your age! is an expression that is used to tell someone to behave in a serious manner that is appropriate for his or her age. Parents often tell their children to act their age when they aren’t behaving well. However, sometimes adults hear this expression too - in particular when they behave in a way that people perceive to be too young for their age. Here are some articles which refer to adults not acting their age:

Why not acting your age is good for you
- psychologies.co.uk, Rosamund Witcher
Parents beware,failing to act your age is embarrassing, innit?
- yorkshirepost.co.uk, October 28 2011
Grandparents, act your age
--denverpost.com, November 2 2008, Amy Dickinson

In what ways could parents and grandparents not act their age?


Image: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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