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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Have you ever heard the expression a picture is worth a thousand words before? This proverb means that images or pictures tell you much more than words do. Here is an example of how this English idiom could be used:

When I looked at the photograph and saw her smiling face, I knew how happy Aya was.
That picture was worth a thousand words.

In other words, the photograph said more than any words could have expressed.

Some artists, apparently, even feel that visual images are so powerful that words can even harm or hurt a work of art’s message. In his blog
Thinking About Art, J.T. Kirkland displays passages of photographer Robert Adams’ book Why People Photograph in which he says that for photographers, the ideal book of photographs would contain just pictures - no text at all. What do you think? Can words really take away from a work of art and hurt its message? And, if yes, why?

The following video deals with the subject of
clean energy. Quite interestingly, in this film, the pictures were, for the most part, worth a thousand words; but, the film became problematic for me as soon as the commentary words appeared toward the end - especially, since the events of Fukushima are still fresh in our memories. Is this because, up until the point when the comments appeared, I saw what I wanted to see? Watch the film, which is called A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words, and gain your own impression.

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