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Choose One's Battles Wisely

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Any fool can criticize, complain, condemn and most fools do.
Picking your battles is impressive and fighting them fairly is
- Dale Carnegie

Today’s idiom is to pick or choose one’s battles wisely. It means that one shouldn’t fight over silly little things that are not worth fighting over; to be clever about which arguments you enter into and to save your fighting for the more important issues in life (of which there are enough!). Admittedly, choosing the battles one is going to fight and fighting them fairly is, in fact, impressive. It takes a lot of wisdom and self-control - as any parent, employee, customer, boss, spouse or in-law will tell you!

Here are some article titles containing the expression:

To Get Ahead, Choose Your Battles Wisely (Career Advice Examiner, 28 October 2011, David Creys)
Parenting Teen Tip - Choose Battles Wisely (EzineArticles.com, 2 May 2009, Jay Korner)

These articles tell us how important it is to choose your battles wisely in your career and as a parent - which is not always easy.
Choosing your battles wisely is considered by many to be one of the best pieces of advice in life. Do you agree?

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