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Child's Play


Image: digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

If something is child’s play, it is easy to do. Likewise, when something isn’t easy to do, you can say that it’s not child’s play. Aristotle once said that learning isn’t child’s play and that we cannot learn without pain. Most learners of foreign languages - especially older ones - would probably agree with him, wouldn’t they? Look at these headlines to see some further examples of what some people view as being child’s play:

Cancer battle still not child’s play
-thestra.com, 23 September 2011, Megan Ogilvie
Restructuring? It’s child’s play
-insidegreece.wordpress.com, 6 April 2011, Nick Malkoutzis
Managing stress can be child’s play
-worklifebalancefoundation.com, 22 July 2009, Paul Lanthos
Learning language is child’s play
-the star.com, 12 July 2008, Nick Kyonka

Did you like the last headline that claimed that learning a language is child’s play? I suppose that it could be if you start learning it early enough in life. What is it that you find to be the most difficult about learning English as a second language? Let us know why English isn’t child’s play by taking part in our ESL poll below!

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