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Test Your English

Would you like to test your English language skills? To find out your level, print out the following language assessment test and answer the 60 questions to the best of your ability. Do not answer questions when you feel that you have to guess. When you are finished, check your answers by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. Have fun!

Part A:

______________ a good student.

a) I am
b) I are
c) I been
d) I is

2. ___________________ on the table.

a) The sandwichs are
b) The sandwiches are
c) The sandwichs is
d) The sandwich´s are

3. I´m busy at the moment. _________________ on the computer.

a) I work
b) I´m work
c) I´m working
d) I working

4. My friend _________________ the answer to the question.

a) is knowing
b) know
c) knows
d) knowing

5. I think I´ll buy this jacket. _______________ really well.

a) It fit
b) It is fitting
c) It was fitting
d) It fits

6. Where ________________ your car?

a) did you parked
b) did you park
c) parked you
d) you parked

7. At ten o´clock yesterday ________________ my favourite movie.

a) I watched
b) I watching
c) I were watching
d) I was watching

8. When I looked around the door, the baby
_____________ quietly.

a) slept
b) is sleeping
c) sleeped
d) was sleeping

9. What´s the weather like in Canada? How often _______________ there?

a) does it snow
b) does it snows
c) snow it
d) snows it

10. Unfortunately, the driver ________________ the red light.

a) didn´t saw
b) didn´t see
c) saw not
d) no saw

Part B:

11. I need to buy ______________ .

a) a bread
b) a loaf bread
c) breads
d) a loaf of bread

12. Here´s my report. _________________ it at last.

a) I finish
b) I finished
c) I’ve finished
d) I’m finished

13. Yesterday, ___________________ tennis with my friends.

a) I have played
b) I am playing
c) I played
d) I play

14. Last Friday, a fire suddenly ____________________ ,
while I __________________ to Mary for 45 minutes
on the phone.

a) was breaking out / was talking
b) broke out / talked
c) was breaking out / talked
d) broke out / was talking

15. When is the boss going to arrive?
______________________ for two hours!

a) I waited
b) I am waiting
c) I have waited
d) I’ve been waiting

16. My arms are aching now because _______________
since two o’clock.

a) I swam
b) I have been swimming
c) I’m swimming
d) I´ve swum

17. Last week, I _____________ five headaches but, this
week, I __________________ one.

a) have had / had
b) had had / have had
c) had / have had
d) had had / had

18. Timson ____________________ 13 films and I think
her latest one is the best.

a) made
b) had made
c) has made
d) was making

19. I’ve got a meeting _______ Thursday afternoon.

a) in
b) on
c) at
d) to

20. Polly wants to cycle around the world. She’s really keen _________ the idea.

a) to
b) on
c) for
d) with

Part C:

21. We’ve lived in this flat ____________ five years.

a) ago
b) already
c) for
d) since

22. I’ve been working here ____________ 1985.

a) ago
b) already
c) for
d) since

23. I hope to see you again ___________ Christmas.

a) on
b) at
c) in
d) with

24. Everything has been planned. Our friends ______________ meet us at the airport tonight.

a) are
b) go to
c) are going to
d) will

25. _________________ a party next Saturday. We’ve sent out the invitations.

a) We have
b) We’re having
c) We’ll have
d) We had

26. When I got to the concert hall, they wouldn’t let me in. ____________________ my ticket.

a) I have forgotten
b) I was forgetting
c) I have been forgetting
d) I had forgotten

27. I found the calculator. ________________ for it for ages.

a) I have looked
b) I looked
c) I have been looking
d) I had been looking

28. I _________________ writing a letter when the doorbell _________________ .

a) had just finished / was ringing
b) had just finished / rang
c) just finished / was ringing
d) finished / was ringing.

29. London lies _________________ the River Thames.

a) at
b) to
c) on
d) about

30. It was very kind __________ you to lend me your car.

a) for
b) by
c) of
d) about

Part D:

31. I am not very good __________ spelling.

a) in
b) about
c) on
d) at

32. I was not prepared ___________ the problems that occurred.

a) in
b) with
c) for
d) to

33. What’s the name of the man ________ gave us a lift?

a) whose
b) what
c) which
d) who

34. Susan is the woman ____________ husband is in the hospital.

a) whose
b) who’s
c) whose the
d) her

35. Rachel is learning to drive. She hasn’t had ________ lessons yet.

a) much
b) many
c) a little
d) some

36. We’re having a big party. We’ve invited __________ of friends.

a) lots
b) a lots
c) any
d) some

37. __________________ arrived for you this morning.

a) Furniture
b) A furniture
c) Some furniture
d) Some furnitures

38. There are two _____________________ we need in order to complete this

a) informations
b) information
c) pieces of information
d) piece of informations

39. Can I give you _______________?

a) advices
b) piece of advice
c) piece of advices
d) some advice

40. Frank always avoids ______________.

a) to work
b) to working
c) working
d) works

Part E:

41. He tends ___________________ his son’s name.

a) forgetting
b) to forget
c) to forgetting
d) towards forgetting

42. The police officer saw Bob make __________ u-turn on a one-way street.

a) an
b) a
c) some
d) any

43. If _____________________ this pudding, I wouldn’t have bought it.

a) I wouldn’t like
b) I would like
c) I didn’t like
d) I don’t like

44. If I go shopping today, __________________ some money.

a) I would need
b) I have needed
c) I need
d) I’ll need

45. We could have given you a lift if ________________ you were coming this way.

a) we knew
b) we have known
c) we’d known
d) we would have known

46. If Lafleur ________________, we’d have won the game.

a) would have played
b) were playing
c) had played
d) was playing
47. If I ____________________ cake, _______________ get fat.

a) eat / I would
b) ate / I would
c) would eat / I would
d) would have eaten / I’d got

48. If Mrs. Waters ________________ the Daily Mirror, she ________________ in the competition.

a) wouldn’t have bought/ wouldn’t have taken part
b) wouldn’t have bought / hadn’t taken part
c) Didn’t buy / wouldn’t have taken part
d) hadn’t bought /wouldn’t have taken part

49. The ___________________ faulty.

a) equipments are
b) equipment was
c) equipments were
d) equipment were

50. We _________________ into the state of the Chinese car industry.

a) did some researches
b) made some research
c) made research
d) did some research

Part F:

51. The girl __________________ was hired last week.

a) ,that you were speaking to,
b) ,who you were speaking to,
c) who you were speaking to
d) you was speaking to

52. The book won’t be published until next year, _________________ disappointing.

a) that is
b) which is
c) what is
d) such as

53. Yesterday, Forrest Gump_______________________ was on TV.

a) which I think is an excellent movie
b) , which I think is an excellent movie,
c) that’s an excellent movie
d) , that’s an excellent movie,

54. Despite the fact that this system has been criticized by
employees ever since it _______________________
just over two years ago, notable improvements _____
______________________ .

a) has been introduced / have been made
b) was introduced / have been done
c) had been introduced / have been made
d) was introduced / have been made

55. In order ______________ past performance and review pay, all
employees ________________ at least once a year.

a) to assess /are valued
b) in assessing / were valued
c) to assess / are appraised
d) to assess / are praised

56. Pay increases ___________________ on the basis of performance and ________________ on the length of service in the company.

a) are taken / are not expelled
b) are awarded / are not based
c) are rewarded / are not given
d) are took / are awarded

57. ______________________________ chair the meeting.

a) John was decided to
b) There was decided that John should
c) It was decided that John should
d) John had been decided to

58. The small boat drifted helplessly _________ the mercy of the wind and waves.

a) in
b) with
c) to
d) at

59. On returning home, Lee discovered __________ his horror that the
pipes had burst and the entire house was flooded.

a) by
b) of
c) at
d) to

60. I would like to congratulate you _________ completing this test!

a) for
b) on
c) in
d) to

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