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English Idioms - Death and Dying

English idioms describing death and dying

There are many ways to describe the route to your final destination. Below, you will find a list of 25 formal and informal English idioms that all mean to die:

to be no more
(formal - to die)
Example: Once full of life, now, our beloved Fritz is no more.

2. to be taken (from someone)
(formal - to die)
Example: Sadly, Aunt Josephine has been taken from us.

3. to bite the dust
(informal/humorous - to die)
Example: In western movies, cowboys often bite the dust.

4. to breathe one last’s breath
(formal - to die)
Example: Her family was with her when she breathed her last breath.

5. to buy the farm
(informal/humorous - to die suddenly or violently)
Example: Uncle Louis was too young to buy the farm.

6. to cash in one’s chips
(informal/humorous - to die)
Example: No one realized that it was time for him to cash in his chips.

to check out
(informal/humorous - to die)
Example: At the age of 101, he still didn’t feel ready to check out.

8. to come to an untimely end
(formal - to die an early death)
Example: Sadly, Mr Smith came to an untimely end in a tragic cycling accident.

to close one’s eyes forever
(formal - to die)
Example: One year ago, she closed her eyes forever.

10. to croak
(informal/humorous/potentially offensive - to die)
Example: No one knew that he had croaked.

11. to depart
(formal - to die)
Example: After a lengthy illness, Daniel has departed.

12. to drop/fall dead
(informal/humorous/potentially offensive - to die suddenly)
Example: The man dropped dead in the middle of the match.

to expire
(formal - to die)
Example: Lina’s grandfather expired this morning.

14. to give up the ghost
(informal - to die)
Example: Not wanting to give up the ghost, he fought hard to beat the illness.

to go peacefully
(formal - to die a peaceful death)
Example: She did not suffer. She went peacefully.

16. to go the way of all flesh
(formal - to die)
Example: Eventually, we will all go the way of all flesh.

to go to meet one’s maker
(formal - to die)
Example: They have gone to meet their maker.

18. to kick the bucket
(informal/humorous - to die)
Example: When I kick the bucket, I don’t want a funeral.

to lose one’s life
(formal - to die)
Example: He lost his life trying to help someone else.

to leave this world /to leave this world for a better place
(formal - to die)
Example: Sadly, our good friend has left this world for a better place.

21. to meet one’s end
(formal - to die)
Example: Fred met his end while climbing Mount Everest.

22. to pass away
(formal - to die)
Example: It is not easy to accept that a loved one has passed away.

23. to pop off
(informal/humorous - to die suddenly)
Example: On a flight to Hawaii, Mario popped off.

24. to succumb (to an illness)
(formal - to die)
Example: She was optimistic that she would not succumb to cancer.

25. to turn up one’s toes
(informal/humorous - to die)
Example: My bother told me that when he turns up his toes, we should not be sad but, instead, should celebrate his life.

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