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English Idioms: Love

English idioms, phrases and sayings of love

Are you looking for a list of English idioms that refer to love? Here is a list of 10 expressions that will help you improve your language of love:

absence makes the heart grow fonder
Have you ever felt that being away from a loved one, made you love him or her more? This English idiom describes exactly this situation and means that when someone is away, your feelings for him or her are stronger.
Example: After Maria left, Arnie missed her terribly. He soon realized that absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

be/feel on top of the world
When you are on top of the world, you feel wonderful.
Example: When Silvio met Roswitha, he felt like he was on top of the world.

love at first sight
Love at first sight happens when two people fall in love immediately - the very first time that they see each other.
Example: When I met you, it was love at first sight.

4. puppy love
Puppy love is an expression used to describe the temporary love that exists between two young people, typically teenagers. This kind of love is supposedly one that does not last.
Example: Despite the fact that she was only 16, Lucy knew her love for Frank wasn’t puppy love. She knew that it would last forever.

to be on cloud nine
If you are on cloud nine, you are very happy.
Example: On the day of their wedding, the young couple was on cloud nine.

to be the light of someone’s life
If someone is the light of your life, he is the best and most important person in your life.
Example: Unfortunately, Hideki didn’t tell Maria that she was the light of his life.

to be walking/floating on air
This expression has the same meaning as the previous idiom - to be very happy.
Example: His friends told me that he was walking on air when he first met me.

to be the apple of someone’s eye
If you are the apple of someone’s eye, you are someone’s favorite person, the focus of all of his or her attention, the one that he or she adores.
Example: The new baby was the apple of her mother’s eye.

to be the love of someone’s life
The love of your life is the most significant love of your life.
Example: Sadly, Franz didn’t know that he was the love of Petra’s life. She had never found the right words to tell him.

to love someone with all of one’s heart and soul
If you love someone with all of your heart and soul, you love him or her very much.
Example: Dmitry loves his children with all of his heart and soul.

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